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Are Malaysians obsessed with giving gifts?

“are Malaysians obsessed with giving gifts?”

Are Malaysians obsessed with giving gifts, one may ask. Sure, we are quite well-known for our generosity. Some of us buy extra from aunties selling banana fritters by the roadside, not because we’re hungry but because we wanna help them out. Others stop by for those stranded by the roadside, whatever the reasons are, and offer their help the best they could. Of course, many of us buy our loved ones their favorite items sometimes, especially during festive seasons.

Does that mean we’re obsessed with giving gifts? Not really. If there’s something we’re obsessed with, it’s probably the spirit of giving itself. The common Malaysians love to help one another. When someone’s in need of help, we offer what we could give however we can. When one of us feel down, we send them assurance and comfort in our own ways: through a slice of chocolate moist cake, for example, especially if it’s someone we’re close to.

Have we been continuously driven by the thoughts of gifting then? Surely no, it is simply a way in which we show our compassion. Even then, gifts are merely one medium of expression, not the only. We show our love for those we care about by spending quality time with them. For some, it is through the gift of a pair of listening ears and an understanding heart: the gift of an attentive company, ready to listen. Of course, a Gleeful gift – roses and a bottle of Brut champagne – tugs the heart with strings of compassion as well.

Do our hearts not continuously be riddled with the everlasting presence of the concept, so dear to us, of presenting tokens of love to those we care about? Perhaps, just a little. The thought of appreciating others through heartfelt offerings is merely common decency, after all. It is only natural to give our artsy nephew a drawing board and our wine connoisseur friend a good bottle of chardonnay! Natural indeed! 

So, let’s revisit that question: are Malaysians obsessed with giving gifts? We’re definitely not, rest assured. Sure, we give gifts to our loved ones, whether in festive seasons or not, but it’s simply a gesture of goodwill. Malaysians love giving gifts, but we’re surely not obsessed with it. Our varied assortments of gifting goodies here at Malting Point, you ask? They are merely testaments of our Malaysian spirit, ready to help you give the perfect gift.


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