Gift Pairing

Gifts from loved ones keep us walking forward in this strange time

‘Tis a strange time, isn’t it? It’s wonderful, yet frightening how the universe always has its own ways to surprise us. Every day, around us, people are struggling to get by as the plague hits them hard with its consequential weight. The world may seem like a paradise lost as the ones we know and care about staggers in their steps forward, but fret not: no matter how long it takes, the sun shall shine on us again. For now, we ought to keep us and our loved ones walking forward, step by staggered step, and a gift or two could surely help.

You may wonder, what’s the use of gifts in such a present? You see, it’s not about the gift itself: the spirit of giving is what matters. A fuel for determination and innovation, this spirit keeps its giver and receiver filled with a sip of vitality, enough to fill their hearts and souls and keep them walking forward. This was true enough for young John Walker, whose spirit of giving was beyond his wee Scottish heart as he thrived for a consistent Scottish blend for the Scottish community, thus giving us the blend we know today. 

Of course, we are no John Walker and neither should we be. We are all born and raised as our own individuals and with it, our own calling. For now, the calling to keep our loved ones safe and cherished would suffice, as we walk this road together, separated by distance but united at heart. Surely, the price for keeping such bond strong and healthy calls for sacrifices at some point, but the priceless joy in their eyes and the healing warmth in our soul are worth any presents given. 

With that being said, gifts are no longer out of the question now. what‘s left to be answered is what would fit the occasion? Gifts, like other catalysts of human relations, require thoughts and concerns for the state and needs of the receiver. A gift for one is simply not as one for another. On this, we leave it for you to decide but should you need help, we’ll be here to cater to your needs, in order to ensure that you and your loved ones will be walking forward once more.

In the spirit of walking forward, of course, spirits can help you get through the days. There is no harm in a drink or two downed responsibly, especially if it could help rest our unrest and uncertainty. We believe our good friend Johnnie Walker would definitely agree, especially with how hard and daunting the times have been these days. Surely, your loved ones would cherish as well the times spent together, the pints downed in-between and the thought that their presence is well-appreciated and well-celebrated.

‘Tis a strange time, no doubt about it, but a strange time should not be a reason to be estranged. The universe has its ways to test its denizens but, despite the ordeal, it is imperial for us to keep on going and keep on walking. Together, with your loved ones, this task should be deemed achievable but lest you stumble, remember us here with each bottle of Johnnie Walker’s downed.  After all, we’ll have their special 200th-anniversary releases in-store by December 2020. There are three of them, which are the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary 8, the John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend and the John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend. All of them are premium blends of fine whisky that will soon be ready for your loved ones, whether to be gifted or to be shared.

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