Gift Pairing

Is personalized gifts the trend right now?

”is personalized gifts the trend right now?”

Is personalized gifts the trend right now? Seems like it, what with the desire for rewarding loved ones burning as special occasions arise. Personalized gifts up the ante: gifts may be present in their ways and appearance, but the ones holding our resemblance will always have a special place. 

Why is that so, that personalized gifts seem to be more commonplace lately? To many, a personalized present speaks intimacy. While a bottle or two of fine scotch may already be a great gift, why not take it up a notch by pairing it with something more personal? It doesn’t have to be overly complicated: your wine connoisseur friend would appreciate a set of glasses engraved with their name, along with our bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne.

How would you feel if, on a joyous celebratory moment, a loved one presents you a precious token of appreciation: a lovely linen pillow with your name engraved, with our lovely Audrey White bouquet on top? A plain-looking pillow, albeit equally comfy, could not compete with the depth of appreciation felt from receiving a personally yours-pillow. The engravement of your name bears the weight of a solemn, sincere effort. Those presents – that moment – would be a memory bonded strongly to your soul. 

What about birthdays? An annual celebration, designed to honor the time gone by and the spatial milestone gained. Tradition dictates that a cake should be prepared for the one whose birthday is being celebrated. Of course, a lovely token of remembrance is to be arranged as well, depending on what would suit the birthday person’s needs. As your mind wanders over possible presents, let us provide a fragment of ease with our selection of cakes. Together, with your birthday present, they are sure to provide joy and pleasure.

Personalized gifts is the trend right now as we celebrate the momentary existence of our beloved ones through intimate tokens of physicalized affection. However, choices vary widely and deciding the perfect gift could not be easy. Together, with us at Malting Point, let us lend our hand and help pair your gifts for the perfect present, fit for the ones whose presence you most cherish.

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