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Top 8 Fun Spirits Sets

Be a bartender, they say. It’ll be fun, they say. Indeed, the world of mixology is vast and full of pleasant surprises, as you indulge your senses and curiosity with fun drinks. All beginnings, however, start with the first, little step. Before becoming a professional bartender, you’d need something to help you begin moving and what would be more helpful than a fun spirit set? Take a gander upon these sets we’ve set for your perusal and let us know which one, to you, will be of use.

Starting the list is the Sherry Combo Pack. A tried-and-trusted versatile pack which lets you experiment with multiple recipes, this pack comes in three: first, Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry; second, Singleton 12 Years Old Sherry; and third, Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Old Sherry. Coming with them is a list of cocktail recipes that you can experiment with, written at the back of the package, to help you take that first step.


Next comes the Remy Martin VSOP Pack. Remy Martin is a household name when it comes to cognac and their VSOP is iconic: it is simply a master blend of elegance and harmony. Together with the pack are 2 bottles of Fever Tree Ginger Ale to pair with your bottle of VSOP. Serve it on the rocks, topped with ginger ale and garnished with lime or substitute it as the base of your favourite cocktails. The choice is yours to make.

Hendrick’s Gin has always been odd, delightfully and remarkably odd. Instead of the usual junipers, their flavor comes from their interesting infusion of rose petals and cucumbers, alongside 11 other botanicals. Its result? Innovative. Its potential? Limitless. Together with the gin is a cucumber curler to garnish your drinks with simple elegance.

Sometimes, you just want a set that lets you mix the specific cocktail you adore. Such is the Aperol Spritz Pack, specifically for mixing Aperol spritz. It is a common Italian summer drink so in Malaysia, it’s pretty much an all-season drink! Drank as an aperitif to stimulate one’s appetite before eating, this cocktail is easy to prepare. Of course, the pack contains the prerequisites: a bottle of Aperol, a bottle of Prosecco and four cans of Schweppes soda. Once mixed, garnish it with an orange slice and your spritz is good to go.

Another fun ready-to-mix set is the Cointreau Margarita Kit. Easy to mix and simply delightful, the margarita is well-known for a good reason. To ensure more people could enjoy the delights of margarita anywhere they are, Cointreau came up with this kit which conveniently comes with their own cocktail glasses. Besides the glasses are included a bottle of Cointreau, a bottle of Espolin Tequila Blanco – vital ingredients of the margarita itself – and two packs of craft salt. All’s left is some fresh lime and your tequila will be ready.

If you’re familiar with cocktails, you’d be well-acquainted with the negroni. Its profile is described as simple and balanced and so is the preparation, with Campari’s Negroni Kit. It carries with itself a bottle of Campari, a bottle of The Botanist Gin, one of Cinzano 1757 Rosso Vermouth and a cocktail recipe card. Stirred gently and garnished with orange slice, with the Negroni Kit by your side, the negroni could no longer be a mere acquaintance but a trusted companion instead.

The followings come off more as party packs rather than mixing kits, but who’s to say you can’t mix good drinks with it? Take our Monkey Shoulder, for example. On a glance, with its Monkey and Ladders board game, it appears as mere whisky but be mistaken not: this Scotch is made for mixing. Of course, drinking it neat or with ice are great but whisky cocktails is where this whisky shines brightest. Pair them with the board game and a group of friends and you’ll be having more fun than a barrel of monkeys ;).

Another fun pack for a party is our Tanqueray No 10 Gin, packaged with its complementary party pack. In it you’ll have two canisters of chips, 1L of sparkling water and a pack of sunflower seeds. Sipping Tanqueray on its own is fine, but you can also mix some gin and tonic for you and your beloved. Together on a lazy weekend evening, just sipping gin and eating chips and seeds as a pastime activity, sounds like a time well-spent.

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