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Top 9 Whisky Gift Sets

Gift sets are common nowadays. Not only do they provide pleasure for the giftee, but also ease of mind for the one giving. More often than not, these sets are designed with a specific purpose in mind and with it, a certain thematic elegance fitting the occasion. Its abundant availability means too many choices, however. After all, how does one choose one from many? Fret not. If you’re looking for a whisky gift set, here are some of the best choices in-store.

First, we have the Jonnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Gift Set 2021. Creamy with a tinge of mellow sweetness, this gift set provides an elegant whisky, encased in luxurious packaging and paired with a stylish carafe. It’s the perfect gift for that friend of yours whose presence has been nothing but golden: precious and eternal.

Johnnie Walker serves one of the best, if not the best, blended whisky in the market so it’s no surprise for it to appear on this list several times. On that note, the Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years Sherry Pack 2021 is another fine addition. Meant to complement the flavors of Asian cuisine, this 15-year old blend is blessed with deep amber colour and bold bursts of spice and sweetness, courtesy of its sherry finishing. The set comes with a pourer, a glass and your deep appreciation for the giftee. 

For that little brother of yours who fancies being a bartender, the Sherry Combo Pack is the perfect starter pack. It comes with three different sherry blends: the Johnnie Walker Black Label, the Singleton 12 Years Old, and the Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Old. Not to mention, it also provides a selection of great cocktail recipes for him to try his hands and skills on.

Next comes the Singleton 12 Years Old Gift Pack. A single malt whisky coming from the Glen Ord Distilleries, its flavor profile can be described as rich and fruity with a smooth finish. This gift pack comes with a pourer and a nosing glass, making it a great gift for a casual drink. 


The next few gift sets are bits of antiquity. For collectors, these are the perfect presents they could ever ask anyone for and thus, the most ideal for them. One of it is the Singleton 18 Years Old Gift Pack. Also from Glen Ord, this bottle is sweeter and more complex in flavor. It comes with an elegant carafe and encased in an ornate chest-like casing. 

Another great whisky for your beloved’s collection is the John Walker & Sons XR21 Year Of The Ox CNY Gift Pack 2021. Very intricate in design and elegant in flavor, this set comes off as a present fitting for the royalty. This hue is raised with its offering of premium glassware with its golden ornament. It’s the perfect gift this upcoming Chinese New Year for the ones you hold most dear.


For a gift set with a more classic vibe to it, the Singleton Dufftown Limited Edition is the better fit. Rounded, rich and sweet in nature, the Dufftown is an exceptional selection as only 1 of 20,000 casks is worthy enough for this unique whisky. Comes in a classy wooden casing and in two versions, either ripened for 21 years or 25 years, the Singleton Dufftown Limited Edition would be a great addition to your loved ones’ collections.


To end with high notes, another great recommendation for your collector loved ones is the Johnnie Walker Black Label Tin Pack 2021. Smooth with a deep character, this whisky is a brilliant blend of a minimum of 12-year old whiskies. It’s encased in a beautiful square tin case of black-and-fire, courtesy of artist Arran Gregory. In short, it’s a great piece of art, in taste and design.

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