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Who and What is Malting Point?

Like any other meeting, a modest introduction is first due. So, “What is Malting Point?” you may ask. A short and concise answer will be “a humble online liquor retailer”. Of course, a too simplified answer brings forth more questions and thus, a proper elaboration shall be made. We’re not the only one selling drinks, after all. So, let us ask ourselves: what is Malting Point?

To elaborate further on ourselves, we are a one-stop gift pairing shop that specializes in all things liquor. Thus, whenever you need, let’s say, a bottle of whiskey gifted to your best friend, we’ll have it delivered for you. Take your time to browse through our timely selections, sourced from remarkable breweries. Worry not about running out of time: we promise that your deliveries will reach safely on the same day you place your orders.

In the spirit of festive joy but lack the spirits to celebrate it with? We have you covered. Need a gift set to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year? Check out our John Walker & Sons XR21 Year of the Ox CNY Gift Pack 2021. Celebrating your dearest sister’s wedding? Why not bring a Chivas Regal Gift 18 Years Old Gift Pack 2021? No matter the festive occasions or days worthy of celebration that arrive, the gift sets perfect for them will always be ready, right here at Malting Point.

Let’s say, you’re deep in the search for a certain, exquisite wine and you have no clear way to acquire it. We believe that we can assist you with such an inquiry. We’ll lend you our hand to track the source of the drink you have in mind. Perchance, we can even help it find its way into your hands. All we’re hoping for, after all, is your burning desire to be sated and your heart filled with the warmth of joy.

Should you be in need of something personal to go along with your gifts, we can have it arranged. Be it in the form of a gift card or even engraving, we will have the heartfelt additions ready, alongside the gifts you choose for your loved ones. Should you be on the fence, stuck with the dilemma of choosing the right corporate gift, we’ll be there by your side. Depending on the occasion, there will always be something fitting here and we can help you choose the perfect gift for it.

Alas, like all things, an introduction is meant to end. Let this not be the last of our meeting, however, for while it was short, it was pleasant and surely something to look forward to. We hope you find delight in browsing through our fine arrays of wine, whisky and whatnot, just as how we delighted in preparing them for you. In short, welcome to Malaysia’s one-stop gift pairing shop. We specialise in all things liquor, and we hope you enjoy your stay. 

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