Gift Pairing

Why are flowers still the best gift until today?

They say love comes in bundles of joy.

Often, those bundles would be symbolised through gifts of flowers – representations of ones’ fragile hearts caressed in wraps of warmth and care. One may ask: why flowers? Why should not these joyful bundles come as, say, chocolate: tidbits of pleasure that melt like one’s heart upon union with its lover? Or, a ring: an eternal bond between two, tangibly-incarnated? The reasons for flowers may vary, for each their own, but these reasons are many and between them could be yours.

They say flowers speak a certain language: that baby breath breathes eternal love; that dahlia spells grace and inner strength, and; that sunflower shines an aura of loyalty and longevity. These deeper meanings are the reason why flowers are arranged in certain, intricate manners. These are also why a subtle proposal (for love or peace) works wonders when accompanied by the simple gesture of a floral handiwork.   



They say flowers beautify both whom they are bestowed to and the space they occupy. This is the reason that it is held in tradition for them to be a common adornment of men and women: the reason why some slip them through their braids, while some others fit them in their chest pockets. Working equal wonder on the physicality of lived spaces, flowers, after adorning recipients, would embellish their lives furthermore through their continuous presence in their living room: nothing wasted; memories eternalized.


They say, good things come in pairs. Nothing comes close to perfection as everything is, in essence, fundamentally flawed but in pairs, the gap towards perfection can be further lessened. Imagine the night, dark and sombre without the moon to bless it with her shine. Imagine a flower, beautiful yet lonely on its own, without an accompaniment of sorts to place its grace. Good things come in pairs, and good gifts are more so: let your thoughtful gifts be graced with the presence of a floral accompaniment.

They say love comes in bundles of joy and flowers are one of the most joyful bundles one could ever hope for. Of course, in the spirit of love, we are ready for you. Not only are our exquisite arrangement of flowers perfect for your needs, they are also the perfect accompaniment for our bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut. Whatever you need, for your sake, we are here to help.


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