Gift Pairing

You’ve got the best friend, we’ve got the best gift!

Best friends are one of the best gifts life could ever give.

For they are the ones willing to bare their time and wealth for your sake, their presence is a reason to celebrate. If the dilemma of how to best celebrate them has ever weighed your conscience, why not let us give a hand? For the sake of you and your company, we have an assembly of gifts that would best fit both of you. 

For you and your precious company, we have only the best liquor to offer. Be it brandy or whisky, we have them ready. Take a sip of our Johnnie Walker Blue Label, an exceptional Scotch perfect for an exceptional companion. Mix great cocktails with our Bacardi Superior Rum (or take a shot or two, up to you). Make good memories with the friend you hold dearest as you wine and dine with our whisky and wine.

Should your best friend be one finely attuned to nature, let our selections of floral arrangements, to them, be offered. Are they having a rough day and in need of cheering up? Let our Sadie White bouquet bring back the sun in their face. Are they the dreamy type, always dreaming of the next beachside getaway? Our Isla Black bouquet shall be the perfect remedy for their wandering heart, living long until their next beach vacation. Whatever the occasion, whatever the deed, our flowers are there to serve your needs.

If sweets and drinks for two are the best for both of you, our humble offerings of cakes are always there for you. Pray, tell us: what would best tempt their desire? If it be a cheesy eat, let our cheesecakes be their favorite treat. Should chocolates your partner enjoy, why not take a gander at our chocolatey joy? Or, for those who hold tea dear to their hearts, may they find happiness in the simple sweetness of our Earl Grey Passion cake instead. 

Best friends are one of the gifts life could ever present. For the times they share our moments of ease and rough, they deserve to be celebrated and reminded of how important they truly are. When in doubt on how to better express your appreciation, remember us at Malting Point: we will always be there to help you. 

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